Our Horses


Tink, our Minature is the sweetest little horse and the ideal companion for very young children participating in our programs.

She is broke to ride.  In fact, she has been used to children riding her for several years now.  Youn members of our family started riding her when they were just two-year olds.  One little boy who rode tink declared he was going to get Tink and ride around "to save the world".

Today, there is a growing trend to train miniatures as assistance animals for people with disabilities. Their life span on average is longer than larger breeds of horses and certainly longer than dogs used in the capacity of service animals.  Miniatures also make good companion animals.

Mostly because of their small size and temperament it makes sense that miniatures would appeal to children, but it is surprising how many youth and adults feel extremely comfortable with minatures. 


Featuring Tink and Gorgeous George

Gorgeous George

Gorgeous George is a great horse, with exceptional disposition.  Quiet and willing he has demonstrated on several diverse occasions how good he is with people of all ages or level of difficulty.  He is a Tennessee Walking Horse which means he has a smooth  rhythmic gait allowing the rider a level of comfort not found in other breeds.

George is very careful with young inexperienced riders and has been an integral part of our therapy programs as well as riding lessons.  We have yet to have George show us any bad habits and find he syncs with every rider or companion in any environment.  

When George was young we had thought to sell him, but he proved himself so versatile, accommodating and gentle we decided to use him exclusively in our programs.


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