Carla Dickhaut - Aboriginal Education

For eighteen years Carla studied under Alberta Aboriginal Elders in Edmonton, Enoch, the Blood tribe of the  "Blackfoot Confederacy" and in Regina, Saskatchewan.  She committed to Sundance and in 2008,  her final year she earned the right to carry a sacred pipe.  Sundance is a self-healing journey in which you are reborn when you start your Sundance and learn tools using the “Sacred Hoop of Life” to help heal yourself and others.  When you fulfill your commitment or “Journey” you then have the right to carry a sacred pipe which means you become what Aborinal Elders call “a holy person”.

 The Elders who chose Carla for this journey were very strict traditional teachers.  She was introduced to Sundance and sweat lodges through Red Cloud, a direct descendant of the astute Sitting Bull.  Red Cloud and his brother Brian believed in and practiced the teachings and traditions of their ancestors.  These two elders dedicated themselves to passing this knowledge on.  

 As a prelude to her Sundance Journey Carla studied at Morris Crow’s (Last Tail Feathers) Sundance. 

Carla held Spiritual Ceremonies,  attended and facilitated  healing drum circles and sacred drumming practices.  She completed her commitment in 2008. 

 In those eighteen years Carla received teachings from many elders.  In deep appreciation Carla  says,  “I learned so much from so many wise, insightful people - invaluable knowledge and insights that guide me in helping others.  These are tools I continue to use and benefit from on a daily basis.”




 “In the Aboriginal World I have earned the equivalent of a Master’s Degree.  Those were a diligent eighteen years of research, commitment and practice.  Today I can live and breathe the Aboriginal ways with an understanding that is not common among my colleagues.”

“I have gained a wealth of healing knowledge that few people have, as my educational path has been very different from most institutional learning.   I have surrounded myself with healers who have shared with me their amazing insight into the human mind and body as well as their healing experiences, successes, and disappointments and how they overcame the hurdles that presented themselves. “

Utilizing her traditional aboriginal teachings Carla was able to develop “coping tools” aboriginal youth can use in their day to day life.  She has taught aboriginal awareness and traditional teachings to employees of various agencies that work with child and family services.


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