The Benefits of Equine Assisted Healing

Our approach can be summed up in the following words: empathetic understanding, unconditional positive regard, bonding, respect, warmth, and therapeutic genuineness.   Client care is our number one priority.

The main purpose our Equine Assisted Healing Programs will be enhancing the wellbeing of the client:

  • Helping  clients with a variety of mental health or human development needs  move through to the highest level of engagement and participation possible

  • Providing each individual with an effective means of gaining self-understanding and emotional growth

  • Supporting each person through any situation in which constructive personality change occurs


Equine Assisted Healing Programs result in measureable and perceptible outcomes.  Some outcomes, like enjoyment or mental stimulation are immediately evident.  Others, such as developing self-assurance and coping skills are more gradual.  While outcomes will differ for each program and for each individual participating in one of our programs we should expect to see the following range of outcomes in most clients:

  • Memory and mental stimulation

  • Coping skills to regulate anxiety and fear

  • Trust building and social interaction

  • Tactile stimulation

  • Decreased impulsivity

  • Self-confidence and mastery

  • Safe and supportive enjoyment

What can Influence the Effectiveness of a Program

Helping People to Develop New Behavior

 Pathways to Overcome Challenges

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