Interpreting the Spirit of Eight Logo

The colors blue, red, yellow and white represent the four magnetic directions:

  • Yellow for east - the beginning, the sun rising, birth and innocence, new life starts each new day

  • Red for south, for the strongest time of the day, prime of life, enlightenment, warmth and understanding

  • White for north -  for wisdom gained through winter stories, knowledge and acceptance, cleansing, purifying, strengthening power

  • Blue for west - the setting of the sun, a time to rest and to regroup, readiness for rebirth

The four equine are Peruvian Pasos.  These horses represent honesty and power, calmness and compassion.



Carla Dickhaut's History With Horses

 Different types of Celtic knots make up the centre, the cross piece, and as well as the perimeters of the circle of horses.  With Celtic Knots we cannot see a beginning or and end, and therefore we are reminded of the timeless nature of our spirit, infinite cycles of birth and rebirth, or an unbroken life cycle.

The knots repeat the number eight.  The red and yellow portion of the logo represent a number eight as does the blue and yellow portion.

The outer perimeter is the hoop that holds it all together.


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