Down-to-Earth Boosters – Experiential Work Related Activities

Down-to-Earth Boosters are programmed activities carried out on a volunteer basis by clients and are intended to teach the client practical life skills and build their self-confidence.

They are generally considered task-oriented, but each Booster has a self-awareness purpose and useful creative element attached to it.  Booster activities are designed to accommodate the client’s level of abilities, from very simple and repetitive responsibilities to more advanced activities designed for clients to learn to follow directions, work safely, identify things that need doing, prioritize tasks, plan ahead and organize a routine.  No matter how simple or complex the activity at the end of the activity the client will have completed a task and made a discernible accomplishment.  Hence, boosting the spirits and self-image of the client.

Under the supervision of one of our facilitators, clients will be given exposure to routine practical task-oriented things that we do on the farm and they will learning things like horse care, hands-on construction, minor repairs such as mending fences or building maintenance, how to choose the proper hand tools and how to use simple tools like hammers and shovels and operate equipment safely.  Some clients may have opportunities to operate smaller equipment such as a drill or garden tractor. Clients will interact with animals, including dogs, cats, and horses.  They will be mostly outdoors, breathing fresh air, absorbing the endless wonders and benefits of nature.  



An outdoor environment can be highly therapeutic.  For struggling youth the Down-to-Earth Boosters Program can be life-changing because it is learning and accomplishment  combined with physical exertion, a structured daily routine, and interaction with people in a rare set of circumstances that helps prepare them for successful futures.

Being able to grow a garden or shape pieces of wood into structures is a meaningful activity as well as an opportunity to learn both a practical skill and a life skill.

One of the guided activities will be working with wood.  Clients will learn how to create useful  things with wood – starting with simple construction of square box (assembly of pre-cut pieces) to more complicated pieces such as different shaped boxes with lids, shelves, or ladders.  There will also be opportunities for clients to engage in the creative aspects of this activity, including design and finishing the product for use.  Clients will be able to see the products of the labours  in use and in some instances may be able to produce a piece to give to someone else.

Depending on the season and the weather on the day of the session there will gardening activities – preparing the soil, planting, weeding, harvesting.  Where possible we’ll have the clients eat some of the produce or feed it to the animals on the farm.


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