Embracing Healthy Change

Structured Activities With Equine

Embracing Healthy Change Ė Structured Activities With Equine is a program especially suited for clients with mental health issues.  This is a therapeutic, recreational, and life skills program focussed on the mental health benefits of interacting with equine.  The program provides socialization, recreation, interaction of clients and horses, and the care and training of the horse.  These connections provide life skills training, rehabilitation and employment opportunities for individuals with mental health issues.  This program benefits individuals of all ages and vulnerabilities.

 Emotional healing is about peeling back the layers of the past, breaking the cycle of pain and suffering, identifying what triggers negative feelings and behaviours and building a set of skills to handle such emotions in a positive way. These are invaluable tools for developing social skills and relationships with the humans in the clientís world. As clients learn how to appropriately interact with the horse they are exposed to a sense of freedom and achievement which gives them some building blocks for becoming self-reliant and managing behaviours.

Scene One:  Imagine a teen who is having difficulty connecting with other people, unable to communicate feelings, unable to concentrate or control emotions, the level of frustration evident in every gesture.  The teen is fragile. 

Scene Two:  Picture this same young vulnerable person partnered with a 1200 pound animal, walking side by side around a coral or a pasture, being the leader in the coral, having the horse respond to this leadership role, the teenís focus is on the horse, the horse is focussed on pleasing the teen - returning affections, their mutual respect, the hand extended, the horse eating from this little hand, the teen being able to stroke the horses strong muscles.





Startling contrast isn't it?   Understanding two things, first that horses are different and more gentle around young people and second that the horse is honest, straight forward and does not judge, we can see profound things happen when the child accepts this relationship at face value.  The horse and their mutual relationship is the centre of the teenís attention.  There is no space or time in their relationship for the teen to be fixated on past or negative events and the horse couldnít care less if someone has been in jail or has a learning disability.  The horse accepts the teen with absolute honesty and no manipulation which helps break the cycle of emotional pain the teen may have endured in previous relationships. 

In this Embracing Healthy Change Program the client discovers how to connect with a living being, one that is not destined to hurt them emotionally because, no matter what the circumstances, the horse will not reject the client once the bond is formed.  Horses are loving thinking beings who don't judge and accept the unconditionally.  Therefore, dealing with a horse gives a person a really positive non-judgemental experience.

Embracing Healthy Chance is especially beneficial to individuals who have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).  Foster parents can benefit from the interaction as  well.


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