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Group Equinistics is an experiential team building and leadership workshop that provides for a group of participants to examine and strengthen communication skills, improve healthy boundaries, empower oneself to ask for help and work and feel a part of a team. Most sessions involve some sort of challenge or problem that requires conflict resolution. Working with horses in the challenge helps individuals to learn about leadership, loyalty, trust and focus. This is especially helpful when people need to work together, rely on each other, work within deadlines, and deal with diverse personalities and human characteristics. 

The Group Equinistic Workshop is intended for smaller groups and can be customized  to meet the needs of a particular group and the issues their team is facing.  The team will spend a day in a country setting, have fun and learn about themselves and other members of their team while learning how to communicate with horses.

Workshops with equine provide personal and group awareness that cannot be obtained from any book, lecture, or memo.  The horse responds to leadership style and is a precise and truthful mirror into a personís behaviour in leadership settings.  The horse responds negatively to someone who is overbearing or indecisive, or when body language, verbal communication, actions, behaviours, and emotions are incongruous.  


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Until they have interacted with a horse many people are not aware that they are incongruent, uncooperative, contrary to team goals, not in balance within themselves.   Most people that work with a horse in a team environment come away being better leaders and team players because the feedback from the horse forces reflection on how they lead, communicate or collaborate.  

The Group Equinistic Workshop makes a person identify behaviours that hinder personal growth, turn bad habits into healthy ones, think outside the box, improve competence in dealing with others, and build trust.

People who work with others are influencing the lives of people in their environment.  This workshop is a great way to bridge self-awareness and effective leadership and give everyone an opportunity to increase personal and organizational success.  The equine teaches the basic principles: respect, accountability, teamwork, and integrity.  The most beneficial outcome that the group learns to identify and capitalize on each memberís strengths.

These type of Team Building exercises with Equine would be good for sports teams and would work well with relationship counselling for strengthening personal relationships.


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