Carla Dickhaut - History With Horses

Carla grew up on a farm, surrounded by horses. 

“I would ride anything I could get my hands on.  I would be dragged, scrapped off and bushwhacked, but never got tired of trying.  My Dad had trained horses so seeing my passion and determination helped me get into breeding and training - when I was nine years old my parents bought my sister and I each a mare.  My mare was bred to a handsome registered Arabian stallion. The result was a beautiful little stud colt and that aspired me to breed and train horses.” 

 When Carla's stallion was old enough to train under saddle she wanted to do it herself.  Her father said an emphatic, "No!", so she waited until her parents were out.  She got out her saddle and had a little rodeo. 

She remembers, "This was probably not the smartest thing for a twelve year old to do, but I thought who would know. Then one day my Dad saw me riding my stallion.  He was horrified and proud all at the same time.” 

From that time on Carla has trained her horses, started her own breeding program, established Fayebrook Farms located in peaceful and sunny Central Alberta where she raises the naturally gaited horses that are used in her Equine Assisted Healing Programs.




Carla says, “I fell in love with the Peruvian Paso and Tennessee Walking Horses, two great breeds of naturally gaited horses.  I’ve been working with these two types of horse breeds ever since. Our horses all come from championship stock with a great mix of new and foundation breeding which produce beautifully gaited and intelligent horses that have proven exceptional for our Equine Assisted Healing Program." 

"These beautiful horses were the catalyst for how Rene and Carla formed their partnership.”

Carla's endeavours are based on traditional values of honesty and strength of character.  She trains horses with a gentle yet firm technique.  The horses are so responsive that in the corals there is a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction from both the horses and the people.” 


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